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Anne Olson

Welcome Anne Olson as one of our Guest Chiefs for ID Wine Club

Anne Olson is a private chef with 10+ years of experience in the food industry. While attending Princeton University, Anne returned to her native Bay Area during the summer of 2002 to work as an intern, downstairs at Chez Panisse. Under the tutelage of then Executive Chef, Chris Lee, Anne’s passion for cooking developed in to a desire to focus on food as a career.

After graduating from Princeton in 2004 with a BA in Politics, Anne pursued her love of food and traveled to Italy to continue her education. Over 6+ months, Anne honed her culinary skills at Ristorante Muffaffe in Forli, Emiligia Romagna; and at ItalCook, the school of regional Italian Cuisine in Jesi, Marche, established by the Slow Food headquarters.

Since returning from Italy, Anne has spent time in restaurants—focusing on gaining perspective and understanding of the business side of the food industry, as well as the food production side. Most recently, for the last 6 years, Anne has shifted her focus to running her own business in San Francisco. Working as a private chef, executing high-end dinner parties, cocktail parties, and other types of events for clients all over the greater Bay Area, Anne has created a thriving small business. In the process, Anne has gained excellent on-the-job knowledge in a broad range of skills required make this business a success.

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